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Environmental & Social Due Diligence Services

We have a special cell for providing ‘Environmental Due Diligence Services’ one of the essential steps in modern real property transactions is evaluating candidate properties for potential environmental contamination and liability. This process summarizes the requirements and steps for evaluating potential liability from environmental contamination, and will introduce to the larger context of environmental issues associated with real property transfers. This process may be called a Property Transfer Assessment, Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Baseline Assessment, Preliminary Hazardous Waste Site Survey, and commonly ‘Environmental Due Diligence Process’.

This needs to be carried out with change in land use. As per the statutory requirement it becomes responsibility of occupier to carry out such studies and take mitigation measures accordingly before transferring such land for other land use.

Ultimately, the purpose of an ‘Environmental Due Diligence Process’ is to understand site liabilities and manage any associated costs and activities for site cleanup. With the ‘Environmental Due Diligence Process’, agencies can also go beyond the site contamination aspects and comprehensively look at the proposed property to help identify other environmental concerns. This will help to generate baseline environmental condition of the property at the time of the transaction and serve as a source document if subsequent contamination occurs and questions about site responsibility are raised.

ULTRA TECH expert’s team helps you in preparing an acquisition strategy of real estate property, defending your interest against environmental liabilities which are potential to risk and civil damages.

These assessment services include following  phases:

Phase - II :

If the Phase I Environmental Due Diligence Process – Liability Assessment indicates possible contamination, Phase II will be conducted. The Phase II involves targeted sampling to confirm or deny the presence of suspected Contamination identified during liability assessment. The information contained in the Phase I Liability Assessment report is used to develop a strategy for carrying out Phase II. Depending on the findings and recommendations described in the Phase I report, several activities may be performed under Phase II. Typically, these activities consist of:

  • Reviewing and evaluating the findings in the Phase I report
  • Developing a confirmation Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Performing sample collection and analysis
  • Evaluating the sampling results against environmental or hazardous waste standards as per Indian pollution control Acts, Notification and Rules made there under
  • Developing the Phase II report
Phase - III :

A Phase III ‘Environmental Due Diligence Process’ may be necessary when contamination has been confirmed by the Phase II EDDA. The purpose of Phase III is to fully characterize and assess the nature (i.e., types) and extent (i.e., magnitude or distribution) of site contamination. In addition, site characterization involves identifying appropriate cleanup technologies based on the nature and extent of contamination, potential cleanup goals, technology applications, and cost. Typically, Phase III activities include:

  • Evaluating of prior EDDA reports to develop a site characterization-sampling strategy
  • Performing more extensive sampling to assess the full extent of contamination
  • Evaluating the contamination risk in relation to future land use
  • Evaluating the technological viability and cost of cleanup alternatives
  • Developing the Phase III report

The nature of the work involved requires a specialized team and facilities. Our team of expertise includes land use experts, bio diversity and ecology experts, hydrologists, geologists, lawyers, environmental assessors, sampling team, analytical team, liasoning experts, business intelligence experts and facilities include MoEF approved laboratory with well equipped analytical instruments and well qualified and experienced analytical team to provide environmental due diligence assessment services.

We solicit your enquiries for these environmental due-diligence assessment services to decide accountability and responsibility of environmental liability.